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You can't Hide Your Trash: A Commentary on Hypocrisy
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The word “hypocrite” is often misapplied.  The term is commonly applied to those that display their flaws at the most inopportune times.  But that is a misapplication.  The term was originally used to refer to onstage actors in ancient Greece.  If you are a true hypocrite, you are simply playing a part really well. 



I have known a few hypocrites over the years.  You have too.  There really are people that are insincere.  They want others to think they are kind, altruistic, and generous. But the truth is: they are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  It’s all a very carefully choreographed act.  They have trashy mouths that speak from an equally trashy character when they think no one is paying attention.  When their true character surfaces, those around them are often shocked and disappointed.  I am reminded today that there are certain people that you can’t hide your trashy character from, even if you really try!



A friend’s mother passed away very recently.  The gentleman that checked her out at the grocery store on a regular basis was visibly moved when he learned of her death. He liked her. He looked forward to seeing her. There is no doubt based on his reaction that she took time to engage him in conversation and treat him like a real human being.  And then there is the trash collector. The lady’s son shares the reaction of this man upon learning of his client’s death: “Early this morning, I walked outside and informed the trash collector that Mom had died last month. He stopped the truck. Trying to fight back tears unsuccessfully, he told me how much he loved seeing my mom every Friday.”



I think there a lot of people that you can successfully hide your true character from with relative ease.  But you can’t hide your character from the person that checks you out at the grocery store. (I can speak from experience on that one!) And you certainly can’t conceal your true self from the person that collects your trash every week.  Rude and hateful people are not known for being kind to the trash collector.


Do you want to learn about a person’s true character?  Go ask the person that checks them out at the grocery store.  Inquire at the dry cleaners.  Seek out the person that waits on them in a restaurant on a regular basis.  And….do not forget to ask the trash collector about that individual.



What will your trash collector say about you? When you depart this earth, will he shed a tear?  Or…will he look forward to someone else occupying the place you called home?  Don’t forget…you can’t hide your trash from him…




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