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Concealing Drugs in an Almond Joy Bar: I am Guilty!
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My firstborn son reminded me yesterday that I used to attempt to conceal Dramamine tablets in Almond Joy bars when he was a little boy.  I had totally forgotten!  I actually thought it was a really clever idea. MY dad was of the mind to give me Dramamine without the added help of chocolate and coconut.  I was just told to “suck it up.”



Randall’s comment scared me… What else did I do or say during his formative years that I simply don’t remember. Memories are way too selective. I remember that I built the boys the coolest fort and hide-out ever known to mankind.  It even had turrets for water guns.  And I recall going up to the elementary school to have lunch with Randall and his brothers. We took Saturday expeditions from our rural community to go to Walmart, Toys-R-Us, and neat museums on cold winter days. We went camping. And I made up the best bed-time stories ever. They were full of adventure and intrigue. And I always left the boys hanging!  The story was continued the next night.   I remember those things…



I am firmly convinced that I said and did things that were hurtful or damaging. I remember some of those events too, but my memory is quite selective. I wish the worse thing I ever did to one of my children was disguising the Dramamine.  But that’s not true.



That time has passed. My children are adults. I can’t roll the clock back.  But I can encourage young parents with a few words of encouragement based on my own experiences.

  • Don’t fail to laugh.  We did laugh a lot. It’s important.
  • Do things out of your comfort zone.  (I failed in this department.)  That’s a valid pursuit.
  • Work together. Make yardwork or chores around the house fun.
  • Expose your children to interesting people.
  • Encourage them to be independent. (Beware…they will move off to Los Angeles.)
  • Don’t be an enabler.  Allow them to suffer the consequences of their choices.


But most of all…build those memories that they can take with them for the rest of their lives. 

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