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A man who had spent a lot of time consulting with large churches and small churches alike noted that most of them perceive their greatest strength to be “friendliness.”  He confirmed that such self-perception was indeed true.  These churches were very friendly…to the people they already know.



Being friendly is a good thing. But there are other attributes that churches should eagerly pursue. What if a church viewed itself as being “impartial?”  Someone asks: “what is your greatest strength?”  “We are impartial!”   An impartial church doesn’t play favorites.  They are kind to those they know. And they are also kind to the stranger…Consequently, such a church becomes genuinely hospitable. 



On Sunday, September 20th, I preached a sermon from James 2:1-7.  There is so much good preaching material in that passage!  I chose to develop one idea. I focused on the consequences of playing favorites.  When we are partial to some and ignore others, the ramifications are significant. 



Serving the community where we live is a core value of the Granbury Church of Christ.  During that sermon I affirmed the need to be impartial in our relationships with people. Are we friendly? I hope that is the case.  Are we impartial?  That better be the case…

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