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Lou Seckler’s Harvest Ministry in Mexico & Central America

Harvest Ministries is the name for Lou’s ministry of training and encouragement for church leaders in Latin America and Brazil. From his home in Abilene, Lou produces teaching resources in Spanish and Portuguese that are distributed via print and on the internet. He also travels frequently to Mexico, Central America, and Brazil to speak at churches, national assemblies, and leadership retreats. Lou’s work is overseen by the University Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas.


Contact Lou at or keep up with his work at



House of Hope Children’s Home in Anahuac, Mexico

For several years the Granbury Church of Christ has been one of the supporting partners for the Casa de la Esperanza – House of Hope – near the small town of Anahuac in the state of Chihuahua. Gilbert Sanchez is the Executive Director. He and his wife, Becky, are former members of the Southwest Church of Christ in Pueblo, Colorado which is the church that oversees the home. For information about Casa, click the following link to go to their website at


Casa Reports: 2017


Lalo & Jamie Rocha in Mexico City, Mexico

The Granbury Church of Christ supported Lalo and Jamie as they made their way through training at the Sunset International Bible Institute in Lubbock, Texas and continued the partnership when they moved to Mexico City. Lalo was raised in Mexico City. He has returned to work in a great city that he knows well. Lalo and Jamie have the personality, skills, and opportunity to aid churches throughout the city but are most closely connected with the Metropolitan Church of Christ near the center of the city. Please pray for Lalo and Jamie and their boys, Liam and Jonah. They are actively planting churches and living the Gospel in their everyday lives. 


Rocha Reports: May 2018


Javier and Fatima Adame in Chihuahua, Mexico

The Granbury Church of Christ has supported Javier and Fatima in Chihuahua, Mexico since the 1990s. They were on the frontline of establishing the Guereca Church of Christ on the north side of the city. Javier has also led the way in beginning a new congregation in the north part of Chihuahua through the construction of a church building near the University of Chihuahua in an area known as Jardines de la Mancha. Javier and Fatima can be contacted via email at .


Adame Reports: July 2018


Othoniel and Paloma Gutirerrez in Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

When Othoniel and Paloma Gutirerrez and their two sons, moved from Chihuahua, Mexico in November 2008, to Cuauhtemoc, we had no thought that we would be involved in the beginning of a church in the local prison. Early in Othoniel’s evangelistic work in the city, he began preaching and teaching in the prison. He and Paloma also went to work in the neighborhood and have established a church in their neighborhood as well.  They began a weekly radio program last year that focuses on encouraging and helping families. They both have a great zeal for outreach and spreading the Word of God to others.


Gutierrez Report: September/October 2018

Tony Gutierrez at Cuauhtemoc Church of Christ from Granbury Church of Christ on Vimeo.



South Texas Hispanic Ministries in Pharr, Texas   

The South Texas Hispanic Ministry is the work of the Church of Christ North in Pharr, Texas. This multi-dimensional ministry focuses on starting churches in the colonias of Hidalgo County in the Rio Grande valley. Some work is also done in Mexico. 


South America

Antenor & Phyllis Goncalves in Itu, Brazil

Antenor and Phyllis Goncalves live and work in Itu, Brazil. Antenor is a native Brazilian and Phyllis grew up in San Angelo, Texas at the Johnson St. Church of Christ. After graduation from Abilene Christian University, Phyllis went to Brazil on the MARC (Missionary Apprenticeship Resource Corps) program. She met Antenor, and they married in 1980. They immediately came to Abilene for Antenor to attend Abilene Christian University. When he finished his Bible degree, they returned to Brazil where they have ministered in several places, now residing and working in Itu. Antenor’s current ministry focuses on a radio program that covers much of the country and a growing television program. Antenor and Phyllis have two grown children.

Email them at .


Gonclaves Report: 2018 Report 


Mark & Ali Kaiser in Itu, Brazil

This young couple went to Brazil to join Ali's parents, Antenor and Phyllis Goncalves. Mark and Ali work with the Itu church's growing youth program and have a very active ministry to the homeless and others needing spiritual and emotional help in Itu.  

Contact them their Facebook Page.

check their website


Kaiser Report: July 2017





Europe & Asia

Dino & Mata Tzanetos in Athens, Greece

Dino & Mata Tzanetos are native Athenians. Their long-term ministry in their home city has been varied, including outreach to the large immigrant community in Athens, a prison ministry, and ministry in two congregations - one Greek-speaking and the other English-speaking. They are truly a light in a country wearied by an ongoing exonomic crisis. Dino and Mata can be contacted via email at


Greece Report: July/August 2018


Julie Broyles in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Julie Broyles became the on-site manager of the Bible English Study and Training (BEST) Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in August 2008.  Julie manages a compound that includes both classrooms for teaching Cambodian students and housing for short-term missionaries. The English classes using Bible-based materials are taught by Christians from the United States who stay a month or longer. Julie coordinates the schedules of both teachers and students and oversees the room and board of the short-term missionaries. The program is a primary outreach to Cambodian University students who have a great interest in learning and improving their English.


Before moving to Cambodia, Julie was a member of the Granbury Church of Christ and a second grade teacher at Acton Elementary.


Keep up with Julie at

Address: 1905 W Pearl St Granbury, TX 76048
Phone: 817-573-2613
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