In the early 1970s, a group of our church’s leaders realized that the church, then downtown at 310 West Pearl Street for almost 60 years, was becoming overcrowded with no room to expand, and Granbury’s rapid growth was expected to continue. They made the bold decision to purchase a lot at the west end of town and construct the building we worship in now.


Now, almost 50 years later, our church is in need of major repairs and updates. The hallways, classrooms, bathrooms, and auditorium exits do not meet current building standards. The roof leaks, and several air conditioners are in immediate need of replacement.


Renovation 2021-23 is our vision for the future building of the Granbury Church of Christ. With the Lord’s blessing, we plan to demolish and rebuild everything north of the Teen Center, except for the Auditorium itself.



The existing front foyer, hallways, and classrooms will be removed from around the Auditorium (labeled “Worship Existing”), and new lobbies, classrooms, and restrooms will be built.


Over 2,500 square feet of classroom space will be added with the new design.


The new main entrances will be located on the East and West sides of the building.  These entrances will lead into a large gathering place and coffee center.


The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place will be between the East and West main entrances, a large open area under a dramatic skylight.  Two coffee bars flank the Welcome Desk, where visitors can go to find information.  The Gathering Place will be the place for fellowship before and after services.

The North Lobby, Porch, and Garden

What is now the front foyer and surrounding rooms will become the North Lobby, a comfortable, quiet space to commune with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and welcome guests.  The building’s front portico will be replaced by a large, signature steeple overlooking a broad porch and garden.


Skyfold Moveable Walls

To offer increased flexibility for the Auditorium, the rear walls will utilize vertically folding Skyfold walls – motorized walls that quietly fold up into the ceiling.  When needed, the Skyfold walls can be opened, and the Auditorium seating can be expanded into the North Lobby, expanding seating from 750 to 1,000.

Skyfold Walls Closed


Skyfold Walls Open


This video shows how Skyfold Walls operate and how the Metro Toronto Convention Centre increased its space flexibility with Skyfold movable walls.


The current restrooms on the North side and in the central part of the building are small, with limited facilities, and are not ADA compliant. The new layout includes two sets of modern restroom facilities near the North Lobby and the Gathering Place.

We’re excited and ready to renovate our church for future generations of followers of Christ!  Please pray with us for this project and for the Lord’s will to be done for our church!

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